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Morrison Distributing Inc. is your value source for quality landscape, construction and nursery supplies


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Morrison Distributing specializes in quality landscape  fabrics, nursery and construction supplies, sod staples and related products. 

Morrison Distributing helps your business compete in today's marketplace by offering a wide variety of items at very competitive pricing with no hidden costs.

Why Choose Us?

With a 15 year track record of supplying growers and contractors needs with timely deliveries on a variety of products, Morrison Distributing has built an excellent reputation.

Free shipping on orders over $99.00


Woven Ground Cover          15% Off  12'x300' Woven Ground Cover

We offer a large variety of landscape and ground cover fabrics in multiple sizes to satisfy most of your needs.  Our 3.1 oz. woven ground cover, rock and stone underlayment, shade control, weed control, frost blankets and jute rolls are among many offerings. Each are available in many widths and lengths depending on your needs.


Landscape Fabrics 

Our landscape fabrics including non woven 3.5 oz. spunbound polyester for rock and stone underlayment as well as weed contol comes in 3 x 50, 3 x 100, 4 x 50, and 4 x 100 feet sizes. We also carry a full line of non woven geotextile filter fabric in sizes from 3 x 300 to 15 x 300 feet and weights from 3.1 oz. to 16 oz. Please call for a quote on geotextile products.


Burlap Rolls

Our natural 7 oz.burlap rools come in 300 foot lengths in widths of 3,4 and 6 feet.  Anchor pins, and sod fabric staples, are offered in various sizes and quantities to secure our fabrics.


Landscape Tools

Whether you need landscape or construction  tools for digging, raking, striking or pruning our large variety of Razorback and Union tools will help.

Nursery Supplies

Landscapers and nurseries will find our tree and plant tying products useful. We offer products including shrink wrap, rope, twine, braided strap and poly plant tape.

Landscape Truck Tarps 

Our truck tarps and shade fabric an be custom made to order or ordered from our large supply we have in inventory in both woven an knitted fabrics .


Fabric Grow Bags

We have many sizes in inventory from 7 gallon to 200 gallon. Our grow bags will lower your cost to bring products to market because they will lower your soil amendment costs, costs to step up from plastic pots and with air pruning of the roots, our grow bags will yield healthier more robust plants with less waste from root boundness and strangulation.

Marking Paint

Inexpensive marking can be done with our large 20 oz. cans of water base upside down spray marking paint. Certified tree slings and multiple ply water hose are a few more of our offerings.

Find nearly everything you need to protect your plants from the sun and the elements and help them thrive. Our line of quality products includes:

• Woven Ground Cover
• Landscape Fabrics
• Sod and Fabric Staples
• Roll Burlap
• Landscape Tools
• Twine and Rope
• Tree Slings
• Fabric Grow Bags
• Shade Fabric
• Spray marking paint
• Truck Tarps
• Shrink Wrap

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Contact Morrison Distributing, your value source for quality landscape and nursery supplies.

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